A personalised mug is a great token gift. What is a token gift you may ask? It is a gift that can be given on any occasion and although it may not be grand in terms of size or price its high value comes from what it means to the recipient. 

A mug may not be an extravagant gift but a personalised mug created using your own words or photos can mean so much more making it a special gift out of a household item. Not only are custom mugs a practical option that they will end up using everyday, they can be gifted for a whole host of occasions.

You can even go the extra mile and use a photo mug as the base of your gift. You could fill it with their favourite sweets or hide an exciting surprise in it, the possibilities are endless when you get creative! But first you need to decide which of our many designs you want to customise, what photo you want to use or what text you want to add. So many decisions! Check out our full range in the meantime here.

 Anniversary or Valentines Day ❤️ or just to say I love you...

Here at Personalised Treasure we know the feeling when your all loved up and want to show it even in the cheesiest way possible! We have an extensive range of personalised mugs with the cutest designs perfect for special occasions like anniversaries, valentines day or just because! Especially good to sneak in as a special extra to a surprise breakfast in bed to really make someone smile. 

All Of Me Personalised Mug

Featured - All Of Me Loves Personalised Mug

or someone chuckle with a cheesy personalised mug....

Personalised Mugs Pizza My Heart


Featured - Pizza My Heart Personalised Mug  

Mother's Day - For A Mum who loves a cuppa

Every mum deserves a tea break! In mum's world a cup of tea can solve everything so get her a personalised mug so she can put her feet up and take 5 minutes just for her. A special personalised mother's day gift or just because she deserves it, whatever the reason you can customise it to be uniquely hers. Whether it be your favourite photo or a special message, create your thoughtful gift for mother's day.

Best in The World Personalised Mug

Featured - Best in the World Personalised Mug


 Father's Day - For a Dad who Loves a Brew

Need a token gift for Father's Day? A personalised mug is an ideal gift instead if generic socks or beer! Buy him something he can make use of everyday with a mug customised to him. We even have some funny mug designs like below so you can make him chuckle. 

Personalised Where's My Mug

 Featured - Where My Keys Personalised Mug 

Or combine your favourite photos on a photo collage mug with some special words to make him smile. A photo mug can be a constant reminder of your favourite memories combined with a loving message for a practical keepsake.

6 Photo Personalised Mug


  To Say Thank You to a Top Teacher - Teacher Gifts

 They spend their days teaching so that your children can become the best versions of them self - that sounds like a tiring job! Trying to find a unique Thank You Teacher Gift can be really tricking, especially when you have a class full of parents looking for the same thing. Personalised Teacher Gifts are so much more special than a generic bottle of wine or chocolates and its a super special way to say thank you teacher for all their hard work. 

A personalised teacher mug will take pride of place of their desk and will be perfect for their morning tea or coffee before the chaos of the school day starts!

Personalised Star Thank You Teacher Mug

Featured - Thank you Teacher Mug

Christmas 🎁 - A Personalised Stocking Filler 

Perfect for those winter hot chocolates, you can design your own mug so its the perfect gift for anyone. Need a secret santa gift idea? Create a funny secret santa gift using an embarrassing photo or someone name, they are sure to use it everyday at work! With hundreds of mug designs you are sure to create a special personalised gift in time for Christmas, and even better personalised mugs are an affordable and practical gift! Can't choose a design? Make your own mug using your favourite photo like below.

Personalised Photo Mugs

 Featured - Photo Upload Mug

 Don't forget to check out our full range of personalised and custom mugs here!

Also if you have an occasion to buy for and are unsure what to get, contact us via live chat and our gifting experts will be happy to help you out!