Easter weekend is right away the corner, have you decided how you are going to celebrate it? We put together a list of some of our favourite things to do for easter so you can enjoy them to with your family or friends! Don't forget to also check our our Easter Gifts here to find the perfect surprise for Easter.

Easter Egg Hunt 🐰

It's not easter without an Easter Egg Hunt and we have some fun easter egg hunt ideas for you! If the weather is nice venture out in to the garden and make the most of the start of spring with some tricky hiding spaces - in a tree, between the grass or in the plant pots. Just remember not to out the chocolate in the sun or someone will be finding a very melted easter egg.

If the weather is not so cheerful bring your egg hunt inside with endless possibilities. You might think you know all the places in your home but you would be surprise. With endless cupboards, under the sofa, in the window sills, you can make the fun last for hours. 

Don't forget to add some clues or even some riddles to make it tricky. Whether you are making an easter egg hunt for your children, partner or friends it is sure to be great fun.

Personalised Chocolate For Easter


Supplies you'll need is lots of chocolate and sweets! Or you can create an alternative egg hunt and hide other things, it's completely up to you. But if you are looking for personalised chocolate for easter, we have lots of bars of personalised chocolate perfect for hiding in your egg hunt! Above is our yummy Pick a Mix White Chocolate Easter Card.

You will also need some paper to write clues (maybe write where things are hidden in case you forget where they are!) and most importantly, especially for children, a egg hunt bag. You can shop our range of Easter Tote Bags here, super roomy and perfect for an easter egg hunt.

Personalised Easter Tote Bag


Easter Baking 🍰

Take your baking to the next level with Easter Themed recipes. Get crafty in the kitchen this easter and make some yummy treats to enjoy with a cup of tea. If you love chocolate and want to keep it simple you can make Chocolate Nest Cakes with our easy Nest Cake recipe:

Easter Nest Cakes

You'll need:

  • Shredded Wheat 
  • Chocolate (it can be baking chocolate or normal its up to you!)
  • Mini Eggs/Decorations to put in your nest

It couldn't be easier to make these yummy chocolate nests simply melt your chocolate and crush up your shredded wheat throughly and combine untill the cereal is fully coated in chocolate. You don't have to use shredded wheat, you can use cornflakes or other cereal but shredded wheat gives the best nest like look! Once mixture is combined spoon into cupcake cases making a small well in the middle to pop your eggs or decorations. Add the mini eggs and then pop in the fridge to set for an hour or so!

If you are looking for bit more of a different recipe you need to check out Janes Patisserie on her blog and Instagram. Her Mini Egg NYC Cookies recipe looks incredible as well as Mini Egg Cheesecakes, Biscoff Stuffed Cookies and so much more! There is so many delicious easter recipes on her blog and she has made them super easy to follow.

Naturally if you are going to get creative in the Kitchen you need to look the part! Check out our range of personalised aprons to become Star Baker (pictured below! You can even have your favourite photo on it as well!

Star Baker Personalised Apron

Arts and Crafts🌈

Especially great for Kids, arts and crafts can be super fun (and super messy). Browse Pinterest for ideas on what to make, from drawings to cutting and sticking! Make it Easter themed with cute pictures of Easter Bunnies and Easter Eggs and create something you can display with pride on your fridge.

Again if the weather is nice take your crafting outside and make the most of the weather. You could even have a little Easter photo shoot!

Easter Picnic 🌞

So you have baked some yummy easter treats, why not enjoy them with a picnic! Gather all your favourite snacks and venture out with a basket and blanket for a summery lunch. Include all the classic picnic food like sausage rolls, crisps and fresh fruit for a yummy picnic. You could got to your local park for a socially distanced picnic with friends or even just stay in your back garden.

Personalised Blankets

All you need is some food, a basket or bag to carry everything and a picnic blanket. Create a personalised picnic blanket using our new personalised blankets, upload your favourite photo to create a personalised blanket unique to you! You can also combine multiple photos to create a photo collage blanket here.

Easter Quiz

Lastly chill out in the evening with an Easter Themed Quiz! Google some questions like Who invented Easter Eggs and put together an quiz to enjoy with friends or family.Include prizes to make it really competitive! Do it over Zoom or Facetime for Virtual Quiz! Add some drinks and snacks for a cosy but fun easter night in!